We're All Stories In The End


Bilbo always has the last word




i like that the SPN description on Netflix is ‘Siblings Dean and Sam crisscross the country, investigating paranormal activity and picking fights with demons, ghosts, and monsters’

picking fights

it makes it sounds like the demons, ghosts, and monsters are like just hanging out and all of a sudden dean and sam show up and like bug the shit out of them

“hey wendigo, nice wig, what’s it made of?”




Fiction is more than a story.




I do, actually, yes.

Gravitas, baby.

I usually think this exchange refers to the Doctor being the last Time Lord left alive, but sometimes I wonder if it relates to his youth on Gallifrey. It doesn’t sound like the Time Lords were very nice to their children.

They make them look into the vastness of time and space at age 8. Some survive it and go on to become Time Lords. We’re never told about those who don’t. Those who go mad and can’t hide it as well as the Master did. What happens to the little 8 year old children of Time Lords who fail? Are they fostered out to non-Time Lord families? The Outsiders or the Shobogans? Or do they just “disappear”? It must be something horrible, since the Master worked so hard to disguise the madness within him.

Even those who pass the test, life can’t be too great for them. They’re shipped off to House academies, away from their families. To study for 100 years before going to the Time Lord academy for probably another 100. What’s left after 200 years of indoctrination? What happened to the little child within them? 

It’s why I can’t buy Moffat’s may-pole children in the 50th. That’s not how Time Lord children were raised.

make me choose » Anonymous asked Rory/Amy or Eleven/Clara




Coulson, looking flustered by Steve’s patriotic bottom

is coulson in a suit 

it’s his casual suit